Tank Life Cycle Optimized via Inspection & Maintenance for Storage Tanks
"Efficient Life Cycle Optimization Techniques for Above Ground ASTs based on API 650 & API 653 to Increase Reliability"

Our most recent and modified from our world famous API 650 and 650 Introductory course as offered under contract for The American Petroleum Institute. This all-new course reaches to new depths and can take an individual with a basic understanding of tanks, to a point where they can now understand drawigns, fabrication and construction activivitys by including confersations of CP and VCI's along with many other concepts.

This is a great course. It is somewhere between the "Basics" and becoming an API 653 Inspector, both offer widly thorougout industry. 

The course will begin on ???th and run thru ???, 2023. Each day will be only 4 hours long and begin at 9am and run to 1pm, Eastern time.



Day One: API 650 – Design and construction of new storage tanks.

Days Two and Three: API 653 – Tank inspection, repair, alteration and reconstruction.

Day Four: Other standards, recommended practices and industry practices.

This replacement course will not be exactly the same as what Fleming was offering but similar in nature and content.

We have also reduced the fee to: $675.00 USD.


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When advertised by others, this is how they summed up the key benifits of this course:

*Understand the requirements of API 650 including fabrication, construction, design options and shell plate thickness calculations.

*Understand tank shell testing procedures.

*Select appropriate Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques designed to determine the degree of corrosion and the optimum repair plan for returning the tank to service in a cost-effective and timely manner.

*Consider tank corrosion mechanisms and internal corrosion control based on API RP 571/652.

*Apply the fundamentals of API 653 in assessing tank condition, suitability for continued service and determining the remaining life.

*Determine appropriate options for repair and return to service.

*Gain knowledge of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) techniques and their application in extending in-service periods between out of service inspections.

*Learn and apply safe methods for Confined Space Entry

Special Feature
Live Visual Exhibit using TankCam®------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Times as listed are New York City, USA times.

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