Subject: Shell Doorsheets vs. Insert Plates, is there any difference?

Includes training on the requirements for spacing, sizing, thickness, location, positioning, forming, and etc.

Description: Approximately 2 hours of online, LIVE, Instructor led training including homework review.

* We discuss the things that Insert plates and doorsheets have in common.

* Is a doorsheet larger than an insert plate?

* Can an insert plate be used for temporary personnel access? If so, why is it called an

insert plate?

* Is there a difference in where an insert plate can be positioned, as relating to the same

limitations that may be placed on a doorsheet?

* Many other issues including possible hydrotest requirements and exemptions.

Homework to be provided to student prior to online class and attendees are encouraged

to supply photos of what they have seen so these can be discussed within the class.

All photos or other materials must belong to the individuals and may be used

in future training materials.

Join us Live and On-Line.

Classes cost $125.oo USD and runs from 9:00 am until about

11:00 am, unless otherwise previously agreed upon.

We have classes scheduled for:

??? 2023.

Times as listed are New York City, USA times.

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