About our CEU and Certificate of Completion program:

1) A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals ten (10) contact hours of student and instructor interaction. We do not offer self-paced petroleum industry related training.

2) We only provide full "contact hours" of training which in turn must then be divided by ten (10) to obtain the number of CEU hours being awarded, and they are always expressed in 1/10th of a CEU; that is; twelve (12) contact hours equate to 1.2 CEUs.

Again, the accumulation of twelve (12) contact hours would result in 1.2 CEUs being awarded. Most of the courses we offer are one (1) contact hour in length, which will typically require unawarded time to be spent before and after the “training is in progress” time period

3) Contact hours do not include:

a) Login time or arrival times either for online or in-person training courses.

b) Group introductory times, break sessions or time spent loitering before or after training is in progress.

c) Time spent registering, paying for, or other such allotments of time which are deemed outside of the "training is in progress time".

4) Acceptance of our CEUs, as with most of those provided elsewhere, is entirely out of our control and left up to the party of which their acceptance is being requested.

5) Any publications, recommended practices, standards, and etc. that might be related to this training program are not included in the fee listed for subject matter courses.

6) No CEUs will be finalized and awarded until a final quiz is completed by the participant and a passing grade / score of at least 80% has been achieved. If the 80% grade / score is not achieved, the participant, if they would want to retake the training session at a later time, would be required to re-register and re-pay the required registration fee.

7) No refunds will be provided for cancelations that are initiated by the participant or others outside of our organization, including government lockdowns and etc.

8) No entrance into the training session will be granted for anyone logging in or arriving late, regardless of the reason, unless the fault is our own.

*Training is in progress time. This is to be understood to be the actual time in which the participant is to be recieving training and instruction regarding the actual subject matter.