A Two Day "The basics" Introductory Level Course for the Storage Tank Beginner.


Course summary:

This two-day course was designed by Mr. John Cornell in 2001 and has been offered many times in various places around the globe. 

This course covers the basics relating to design, construction, inspection, maintenance,  and operation of API above ground storage tanks. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the relevant standards for new construction and existing tank inspection, repair, alteration and maintenance.  Due to its popularity, our "Introductory Course" is the most copied Tank Class in the world. It is being 85% copied and then offered in Canada by a large training organization there and our self-paced course was copied and sold for viewing in China for years without compensation being provided. So with that said, if you want to start with the basics, this is the best introductory level class you can attend.

It has been updated and is ready for 2023.


Course Outline

Day One: Large Atmospheric Tanks (API-650) – New Storage Tank Basics covering the choice of materials, design calculations, fabrication and shop activities, field construction methodologies. Topics include, shell thickness calculations, floor plate layout, the basics of foundation design and leak detection and containment.

Also there is a brief discussion of API 620. It is primarily designed to show the differences between 650 and 620.


Day two: Inspection and Repair and Existing Tank Evaluation (API-653) – Review of previous tank failures and their causes such as but not limited to brittle fracture and corrosion. A discussion of inspection drivers and considerations, inspection types and schedules, critical zone welding limitations, lap-patch placement and size limitations for both the bottom and shell, safety concerns around tanks, and etc.


The next class date: TBD (2 days), only $925.00 USD.  

Venue: TBD, USA




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