A One-half Day, basic course on popular shop-built tank design, and fabrication techniques.

Course summary:

This course has been update for 2023-24. 

This course covers the basics relating to design, fabrication, shop inspection methodologies and ends with an introduction to the latest upcoming release of Publication 2023,  providing insights into the methods used to repair small, existing, shop-fabricated steel Above-ground, Atmospheric Pressure, Vented, Tanks designed and used for Petroleum and Non-Petroleum storage.  The Publication 2023 will be available on or around September 2023 on Techstreet.com.

The class involving Publication 2023 will be a separate course and each attendee online will be required to have a copy of this publication with them during the class and a sales receipt from Techstreet.com for proof of purchase.


Again, this course shop-built tank fabrication techniques will be solely focused on NEW tanks...


1) Will it discuss API 650 Annex "J" tanks?....Yes it will.

2) Will it discuss UL-142 Vertical tanks?....Yes it will.

3) Will it discuss UL-142 Horizontal tanks?....Yes it will.

4) Will it discuss Fiberglass tanks because most of them are also built in a shop setting?....No it will not.

5) Will it discuss UL-2085 tanks?....Yes it will.

6) Will it discuss standard modification for cone-down tank bottoms?....Yes it will.


The next class date: TBD, only $285.00 USD.  


Venue: Online only. Starting at 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon (EDT)
Instructor: John Cornell. Substitutes and guest speakers may be used if needed.

Private courses can easily be scheduled along with group pricing discounts.



No refunds can be provided after registration is complete.

Substitutions are permitted.

In the event of class cancellations, a full refund would be provided, however any and all charges incurred relating to travel and etc. are exempted from our refund polices.