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Requirement One:

Before continuing, please certify that you meet the requirements to become an FTV RP 2007 inspector as outlined in the document entitled Recommended Practice FTV RP 2007

Requirement Two: Employment History.

We no longer require you to list your applicable employment history here.

Requirement Three:

Visual Acuity

I must supply a copy of a visual acuity test / exam that is not more than one year old that resulted in a PASS.

I will email it to
Select Choice* I understand and will provide the eye exam within one month of the date that I submit this form.
Requirement Four:

H.I.R. Technical Services Non‐inclusive Statement of Understanding

Discontinuance of Trained Inspector Qualifications:

1. In the event the applicant is charged with a crime in relationship to the inspector’s services, it may result in a permanent or temporary discontinuance of his or her FT&V Recommended Practice 2007-1 Trained Inspector number.

2. If the Trained inspector fails to perform at least one inspection per calendar year or three inspections before reaching the re-issuance date, or can not verify having participated in significant additional training activities as related to the scope of FTV RP 2007, his or her Trained Inspector number will be discontinued until a passing grade has been received by successfully completing classroom re-training. (See #5)

3. As during the performance of tank inspection services any credible and relative concerns that may be brought to the attention of H.I.R. Technical Services which cast doubt upon the inspector’s ability to perform applicable inspections, a permanent or temporary discontinuance of his or her Trained Inspector number may occur until a passing grade has been received by successfully completing classroom re-training (See #5) or a Doctor's letter explaining that any condition that had disrupted the inspectors abilities has been remedied.

4. Trained Inspectors shall not make any attempt to identify themselves as an associate or representative of H.I.R. Technical Services neither shall they imply or state that their training is a warranty of or implies a level of credibility as guaranteed by H.I.R. Technical Services.

5. I understand that H.I.R. Technical Services cannot guarantee that this training or re-training will be offered in the future.

6. Upon achieving a passing grade for the aboveground atmospheric fiberglass tank course exam, it is understood that the length and duration of the Trained Inspector number is limited to three years from the date of issuance of said certification Trained Inspector identification card.

7. It is understood that an on‐line Trained Inspector exam is required to be completed at the end of the above (and each additional) three-year term. This may be substituted by the submission of a form as provided by the training provider certifying that you have met the current levels of activity, therefore not requiring the taking of an online exam. This will be at the discretion of the training provider. The online exam, if required, will require a passing percentage of 80% percent. If a passing grade is not achieved, a re-issuance of the Trained Inspector number will not be granted and a classroom re-training test will be required.

8. The fee for the online re‐training and the classroom training courses will be as advertised at the time of their offering and this fee cannot currently be determined and will be market based. (See #5)

Visual acuity test: 
9) A acuity form as supplied within this RP, or equivalent, shall be provided by those attending the FTV RP 2007-1 exam. This acuity form must be less than Twelve (12) months old as of the date of the scheduled date of the FTV RP 2007-1 exam.

If the applicant requires corrective vision, they agree that it is their responsibility to use required devices in the performance of aboveground Fiberglass Tank Inspection activities so long as such devices do not hinder their inspection performance. If they are required to use vision correction devices and said performance may be hindered or harm may befall the inspector or others, inspection services should be discontinued by the inspector.

Remember, to become a trained inspector, you will have to provide a visual acuity exam verifying acceptable vision, or corrective vision requirements, that is no more than one year old from the date of completing this application.

Limited issuance of Trained Inspector Number.
10. Issuance of this fiberglass tank inspection training is based entirely and solely on the testing individual’s ability to have achieved a passing score of 80% percent on the retained knowledge as included in the exam and as derived from the applicable edition of the FT&V Recommended Practice 2007-1. If a passing score is not obtained, a re‐test may be attempted at the next classroom training offering. (See #5) No refunds will be offered for failure to achieve a passing score. Applicant may only attempt to achieve a passing score (3) times. Applicant must pay all applicable fees / charges that are as advertised for each re‐test. (See #5) Also, retesting that is requested to be provided on-line will require payment for applicable charges.

11. No part of this training is intended to imply to include other training requirements such as but not limited to Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Training, Confined Space training, and all other training that is required to safely and adequately perform tank inspection activities.
The inspector must complete these training requirement(s) on their own. No assurances of personal increase or gain are included or implied.

12. No implications, vows, promises or assurances have been made regarding the value of taking this training course nor any connection with future income, return of investment or any other form of personal or individual company gain. This training class has been provided for the sole opportunity for the attendees. This training is believed to be the longest of its kind, being offered since 2007. With that said, and as with any industry recommended practice, this training may become obsolete or no longer valued and could possibly be discontinued at a future date. It is to be understood that no warranty, refunds or remedies are being offered for such an outcome.

Authority or applicability of the Recommended Practice 2007-1

13. This Recommended Practice has no authority or applicability to cause any person, regulatory agency, tank owner a/o operator to comply with the (any) provisions found within this Recommended Practice or the training program. It is the intent of this Recommended Practice and the training program to provide these parties with a viable means to ensure storage tank assessments that will provide for the safe operation of above‐ground, atmospheric fiberglass constructed tanks. Not all scenarios and designs are covered in these standards and the implementation or adoption of this Recommended Practice to each tank must be considered by both the trained inspector and the tank owner / operator.

14. I understand that H.I.R. Technical Services has offered a non‐inclusive training course pertaining to my job duties. I will not rely solely on this training to perform inspections. I also understand that H.I.R. Technical Services is not responsible for the content of the FT&V RP 2007.

Prerequisite for obtaining initial Certification

15. I declare that I meet the requirements of FT&V RP 2007-1 or have been given permission to set for this exam in writing. If I do not meet the requirements of FT&V RP 2007-1, I will need to continue to work under the supervision of a person who is currently a trained FT&V RP 2007-1 inspector. Any reports I generate will have to be reviewed by and signed-off by another currently trained FT&V RP 2007-1 inspector.


16. If requested, those successfully completing the required exam may be asked to supply their High School Diploma / College Transcripts / Certifications etc. This documentation must be in the English language, or be officially translated into English.

17. I understand that I may need to provide references that can validate my employment history.

Photographic Identification.
18. I am required to provide a current digital photograph for the records and for my I.D. card. I will email a headshot or photo for use in creating my I.D. card. I will email the photo within one week after submitting this form.

Classroom Training.

19. The definition of classroom training is the initial offering of training needed to be taken by new inspectors or persons needing to retake the training program. This may be in a physical classroom setting or it may consist of online training. This option may be discussed on an as-needed basis or as required by the training provider.

Rev. 01-01-2024-00

H.I.R. Technical Services
PLEASE reply via email with an acceptance of the above terms and conditions.