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To purchase our training, click on the Buy Now text/button to the right of each module or class. (See notes below).

This will take you to our secure PalPalâ„¢ portal where you may use almost any major credit card to make your purchase.

Note 1: Only one module may be purchased at any single time.

Note 2: Each module purchase price is as listed on the applicable page.

Note 3: After purchase is complete, email with your receipt number and the subject desciption of the module that you are wanting to receive training on.

Note 4: Price is for single user only. If unpaid individuals are found to be in attendance, thier individual training will be terminated due to the link being misused and no refund will be granted.

More than one customer may be in the training class but each will have to purchase the module.

Note 5: Within your email, please provide Five (5) dates and times within the near future at which you could be online to receive this training module.

Note 6: A headset with mircophone and speaker may be required. This image is a example only>>

Note 7: Classes duration varies.

Note 8: An quality Internet connection is required. If connection is lost, it will up to the purchaser to make contact with training provider and reschedule.

Note 9: No refunds will be provided for any reason.

Note 10: Purchaser must schedule this class.

Times as listed are New York City, USA times.