This is the only Official program approved to meet the requirements of training and examination for RP 2007.

Training and examination provided by: H.I.R. Technical Services.

This training course may be taken by anyone wishing to learn more about the inspection of above ground, vented fiberglass tanks, however, to set for the exam, each person must meet the educational and work experience requirements found in the RP 2007.

If you are wanting to become a Qualified and Trained RP 2007 Inspector, before attending our training and setting for the exam, you will need to ensure that you meet the requirements in RP 2007.

No refunds will be supplied.

Note: There is no guarantee of passing this exam just because we provide training.

The next class is on July 10th, 2019.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA


The reissuing fee, which occurs every (3) years is currently only $175.00.

To apply for a reissuance of your existing I.D. card, please go

to: http://www.storagetanks.info/rp-2007-re-app.html


Did you lose you FTPI or FTV Idendification Card? 

Here is the payment portal to purchase a replacement card. This is not an

Inspector's Identification Card Re-Issueance. To apply for the Re-Issueance

of your Inspector's I.D. Cards, go to this page.




$950.00 USD, non-refundable

$55.00 USD, non-refundable