About our site:

1) The Official Tank Training Provider for the 21st consecutive year for PHSMA.

2) The Official sales portal for our FTV RP 2007-17, for the inspection of above-ground FRP tanks. Formerly known as the FTPI RP 2007-1.

3) The only contracted training provider for Official training to and in accordance with the RP 2007. Do not accept training from others on this RP.

4) A provider of API 12R1 training for Owners Certification of employee tank inspectors.

5) Author of the API 12B bolted tank guideline simply entitled: "An Introduction to API?s Specification 12B". 2016

6) Creator of the small tank repair guide entitled:

"Small welded tank repair Insight" 2017.

7) Providers of API 653 Module training. One-half to 2 hour modules, LIVE online and instructor led.

We filled our last in-person training class in August, 2021