API 653, 3 year, 25 question, Online Recertification Exam Assistance.
Let us steer you in the right direction when it comes to this 25 question, extremely tough exam.

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RP 2007, Trained and Qualified Fiberglass Tank Inspector Program.
This training course may be taken by anyone wishing to learn more about the inspection of above ground, vents fiberglass tanks, however, to set for the exam, each person must meet the educational and work experiance requirements found in the RP 2007.

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Tank Subject Training, now in module format.

Topics availible at this time include:

1) API 650 Materials and Design, Introduction.

2) API 650 Design, Expanded.

3) API 650, Foundations as per Annex "B", Introduction.

4) Bolted Tank Inspection as per Publication 2018, Introduction level. Certificate of Completion provided only after successful completion of classroom and homework requirements.

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5) Bolted Tank Inspections, Qualified Inspectors Level.              (You must purchase a copy of the Publication 2018)

6) Shell Repairs Using Lap-welded Patch Plates.

7) Repairs to Existing Tank Bottoms.

8) Repairs to steel non-radiused fixed roofs using steel patches used for atmospheric pressure storage.


9) Etc.

10) Etc..


One-Day 653 Exam Cram.


Plastic Tank Training (Inspection) Class.


Reapply here to continue using your FTV or FTPI fiberglass tank Inspectors I.D. number.